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We offer a range of training, workshops, advice and therapies for businesses. So why does my business need to support staff?

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The World Health Organisation estimates that by 2020, depression will become the second most important cause of disability in the world. Whatever the causes of increased mental illness, the reality is that it had become so common that people at work will inevitably have to deal with it in themselves, their colleagues or managers.

Line managers and colleagues in the front line can make the biggest difference in the field of mental health at work. Reacting appropriately to signs of distress, maintaining contact with people who may be off work due to illness and constructing practical return to work plans for those recovering from mental health problems are the simple things that can prove job saving, money saving and sometimes even life saving. What can Yorkshire Psychotherapy do to help?

We have over 130 years collective experience in the NHS in the treatment and management of mental health and can help people to manage their stress and mental health problems. We also facilitate workshops, training sessions and groups in a range of areas such as managing stress at work, emotional awareness, worry and sleep.

We can advise managers and staff members on workplace issues such as team building, stress at work, bullying and harassment and mental health issues. We are trained by ACAS in workplace mediation, to help impartially resolve any conflicts in the workplace.

We can deliver a range of training packages and presentations on different work related issues, including:

Please get in touch to find out more or to arrange an informal meeting to discuss the needs of your business. We can also offer your staff one to one sessions of therapy for a range of common mental health problem, life and work stressors. We have SLA’s with a number of businesses, contact us for more details.

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