CBT business plan Yorkshire Psychotherapy
CBT business plan Yorkshire Psychotherapy

The Business Plan Coaching Programme

Calling all CBT Therapists who don’t know where to start!

Do you know you need a business plan but also know that you will never get around to it on your own? That was us too!

We want to work with you to build a successful, sustainable and profitable business through ‘The Business Plan Coaching Programme’

A business plan is the solid foundation from which your business will grow. It sets out all your objectives and strategies and what you will do to meet them. It covers every aspect of your business so you can focus on the therapy you provide.

We have created ‘The Business Plan Coaching Programme’, for you and can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

Using the format of CBT you will – Assess, formulate, plan and accelerate your business within our 5-week Business Coaching Programme. Each week, along with the training you will have a workbook to complete and this will become your completed business plan document .

The training will be with a small group of people because we are want it to be really valuable and provide lots of individualised support. We also hope that you get to know each other well, so that you can be each other’s cheer leaders and support, well after the programme is over

What’s it about ?

You will be walked through 5 weeks of business planning, using a bespoke business plan designed specifically for therapists who want to start private practice.

Week 1

1 ½ hour on-line workshop – Attend live or watch in your own time.

We will introduce business planning and get to know each other

Together we will complete an assessment of where you are now and where you want to get to, identify your core values and how to bring them to life in creating a business and life you love.

You will map out your market position for your business.

You will get your SMART goals together.

You will join the secret Facebook group with your peers so that you can ask questions, get feedback and be encouraged and motivated.

Resources, videos and guides will also be available in the group.

The first weekly Q&A will take place in the group for you to ask all your questions and anything you want to know from two experienced therapists who have been in private practice for well over 10 years combined.

Week 2

1 ½ hour on-line workshop – Attend live or watch in your own time. From your assessment we will then dive into the details. It’s formulation time. Putting it all together and you will decide on the fundamentals of your business – the name –style and how it will run. You will know exactly what you need to have in place to get going. We will go into the financials in detail and you will decide on what you will charge from a place of confidence, based on your own business needs now and going forward. The practicalities around all the policies, procedures and legalities you will need will be explored such as GDPR, contracts and agreements.

Week 3

Is rest week – It’s time for you to catch up on anything outstanding from the last two weeks and reflect over what we have covered because we will have worked through a lot. You are putting together in a few weeks what often takes people a few months. The process is speeded up because you will have your peers and coaches helping you on the way. We want to make sure no stone is left uncovered and that you are happy with the decisions that you have made so far. There will be a live Q & A in the group for an hour this week.

Week 4

1 ½ hour on-line workshop – Attend live or watch in your own time. This week we will focus on getting your business out there! It’s marketing week – everything you need to know about marketing will be covered. Will you have a niche or what the hell is one? – don’t worry, we have you covered. Where your referrals will come from and planning your marketing strategy around this will be covered. We will look at working well with referral agencies, having a website, SEO and social media. Your marketing plan will be in place after this week.

Week 5

1 ½ hour on-line workshop – Attend live or watch in your own time. This week is maintenance week, we will review where we are and how to maintain progress even if things go wrong – for example a recession or pandemic for instance. Your self care needs will be looked at and strengths and weaknesses. We will finish by putting together your company profile from all the work you have done so far. Next steps will be devised to guide you over the coming months. Having a business plan in place that is reviewed regularly will ensure that the running of your business does not consume your time or overwhelm you. When your business is running smoothly you can focus on the therapy you provide, doing what you love.

A solid business plan ensures that you are focused on delivering high-quality CBT where people benefit from the results. Working in this way also maintains the reputation of CBT as a gold standard treatment, securing your future and ensure that you are doing what you love and have trained hard to deliver.

This course is for you if you love working with others, are thinking of setting up a private practice and have no idea where to start. If you have been in private practice for a year or so and have neglected the business side of things, we can help you steer your business where you want it go. Learn from our successes and mistakes and you’ll have a thriving practice before you know it. We can’t wait to get started!

Read our current blog post here.

Sarah & Heather

To book your place, get in touch below

Early bird special £560.00 for bookings before 5th feb and £600.00 thereafter

Next business planning programme commences on Wednesday 3rd March 12pm-1:30pm. Places limited.

Some of our feedback from the course:

“I found the whole course invaluable to help me start up in private practice. I think I was very naïve to how much there is to consider and the course was able to highlight all the things that I need to do that I would never have even considered. It was really helpful having the expertise of Heather and Sarah to guide and support us. I’m so glad I attended this course and have an abundance of information that I can go and put into practice. Highly recommended.”

“Heather and Sarah are both very friendly, knowledgeable, passionate and realistic about what they do and being in private practice. Sharing their experience is an invaluable resource to help you on your journey.”

“This is a really useful course for anyone thinking of setting up in independent practice. There are so many things that you don’t know you don’t know! It is really helpful to hear the experiences of people who have ‘been there’ and tried out many things themselves.”

“The business plan format was well-structured, with the most important things first and foremost.  This prevented me from rushing into problem-solving before I had properly considered my “why”.  This is the foundation I keep returning to now and is the first thing I think about whenever I find myself making changes or developments.”

“Thank you so much Heather and Sarah for all your advice, support, knowledge and experience. You are both an inspiration and your passion for your businesses really shone through. I feel more motivated than ever to get going with my business, equipped with a detailed plan of what I need to do going forward. Thank you!!!”
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