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Coping with Covid-19 Online Group

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on our mental health. Employees, whether working from home, furloughed or still attending work are struggling with the uncertainty that the pandemic brings.

We have therefore developed a four week skills based group, to enable employers to support their employees. The group is based on CBT skills, is practical and enables individuals to build a toolbox of resources to help them through the coming weeks and months. The group is for up to twenty people and will run weekly, for one and a half hours a week via Zoom.

The cost of this is just £1000 for the full group, run by an experienced Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist.

The Group will cover:

Week One: Coming to terms with Covid-19, understanding uncertainty, focusing on what’s in your control.

Week Two: Building safety, values, committed action.

Week Three: Opening up, addressing overestimation, TIPP skills.

Week Four: Identify resources, developing tolerance & making friends with uncertainty.

Feedback from the course:

This was a brilliant course. It’s very easy in such circumstances to feel that you are the only one feeling a certain way, and to find that others also share the same anxieties is a relief.The information, presentations and handouts were informative and extremely useful. I particularly liked the suggestions for activities to do between sessions. Heather was relaxed and outgoing, putting everyone at ease.I would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering from anxiety over the current situation.

I really enjoyed & would highly recommend the four week Coping with Covid-19 course. Heather quickly made us feel at ease. The course was interactive- allowing time for people to share their experiences/ ideas. I enjoyed the social aspect & knowing I wasn’t alone with some of my worries & gained a range of techniques to help cope with the current situation as well as in the future when dealing with difficult/ challenging situations.

Thank you for an enjoyable course, you are very friendly and easy to talk to and delivered the course very well. The content was full of useful tools and strategies to suit all different levels of anxiety, worries etc.  I have tried various ones and I am starting to find the right ones that work for me. I will and have already recommended you to others. Thank you

Helpful Blog posts:

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We have adjusted our sessions in the face of COVID-19 and are now offering online therapy via a range of platforms. This enables us to be more flexible around times and fit around your work and home life.

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