Life Coaching and Nature

Walking around Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire, I’m reminded of how wonderfully nature achieves the balance of life. It  allows all things to co-exist beautifully together. If only life was that easy and stress came and went in bite sized, measured doses!

Sadly for many of us we find ourselves consumed by the stress and worries that go hand in hand with work, relationships, family, money….the list seems to be endless; and finding a way out is sometimes even harder. We can end up feeling overwhelmed, with our confidence and self-belief rocked. The idea of understanding what our purpose in life is and what we hope to achieve even harder to fathom!

In contrast, nature seems to have it all sorted. It holds no judgement and seeks only to allow each living thing to grow to be the best version of itself that it can be. No competing or harsh appraisals here!  Nature truly is the most inspirational and authentic teacher..

By replicating nature and remembering the resources within you and focusing on your path, Coaching helps you to maintain a sense of mind and body wellbeing that enables you to live the life you aspire to. For us to be truly happy and live in harmony with others, we only need to be the best version of ourselves possible. Once we have achieved this, everything else falls into place and the landscape shifts to one we can truly appreciate and enjoy.

Looking forward to chatting more about this with you soon!

Vicky H

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