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The CBT Journal

Do you look around your life and see things that should make you feel happy and content yet find yourself feeling sad and discontent?
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Is your mind always in overdrive? Do you feel anxious and out of control? Are you constantly trying to fix things but getting nowhere?

Does everyone around you look like they have it together? Do you wonder how they do it?

If this story resonates ‘The CBT Journal’ has been created for you.

Investing just 20 minutes a day in the journal will significantly impact your life, making you feel more content, fulfilled and happy, both in yourself and for everyone around you.

The CBT Journal combines two of the most effective psychological tools we have, so you can take control, improve your mindset and start your recovery journey today.

Written by Sarah D Rees, Accredited CBT Psychotherapist, based in Wilmslow, Manchester.

Ask the Therapist

Sarah D Rees Podcast ‘Ask the Therapist’, Heather Howard-Thompson discusses her journey into becoming a therapist, the tips and strategies she recommends for her clients and the strategies that work best for her in terms of maintaining good emotional wellbeing.

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