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Mindful tips for managing work and life during the pandemic

What a year this has been! We’re all trying to juggle the normal life struggles with the added pressures of working from home, financial pressures, isolation, home schooling and continuing uncertainty.

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Barnsley psychotherapist gives her top tips for surviving another lockdown

There are many simple changes we can make to help us improve our mental health during this lockdown. Heather gives out some essential advice for those struggling at the prospect of another lockdown.

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Loss trauma and PTSD...

My first pregnancy almost 18 years ago was such an exciting, wonderful experience – a ‘textbook’ pregnancy. I was fit and well throughout. At 36 weeks I started with stomach pain, which I assumed was due to a curry I’d eaten. This was, however, followed by heavy bleeding. Shock, fear and panic followed, and I rushed to the hospital.

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Parents across South Yorkshire urged to stay calm whilst discussing the Ukraine crisis with children

The Director of Yorkshire Psychotherapy has been speaking to us about how we can reassure younger people on the matter.

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New report finds half of pupils across South Yorkshire not ready to start primary school

More children are thought to be struggling with things like their ability to concentrate and share with their peers.
News Yorkshire Psychotherapy
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