Q & A’s with our Clinical Psychologist, Dr Vicki Wingrove

1) Tell us a bit about you.
I’m a Clinical Psychologist who works with children, young people and families. I work at Yorkshire Psychotherapy but also in Rotherham CAMHS on their ASD assessment pathway. I’m also a mother, a dog owner, a vegetarian, a hopeless dancer and a lover of cake.


2) What type of therapy/treatment do you provide?
I work using a range of therapeutic approaches. Psychologist’s work with clients to develop a formulation and then tailor interventions to achieve shared goals. I like to work creatively and playfully whenever possible, but can also offer more traditional type talking therapies such as CBT. I like to use Solution Focussed approaches too. I can also offer tailored parenting support.


3) Who is it suitable for?
I work with children, young people and their families.


4) What made you get into Clinical Psychology
Becoming a Clinical Psychologist was never really a conscious goal I had. I worked for the National Autistic Society when I finished my degree and was always interested in working with children and families with complex needs. After completing my Masters in Disability Studies I then got a job as an Assistant Psychologist.  After working in a community learning disability team and then a child development centre I gained a place on Clinical training.


5) Do you specialise in any area?
Not really, my background is mostly working with children and families with complex needs, but I enjoy working with children of all ages with a wide range of presentations.


6) What do you love about your job?
Meeting families, hearing their stories and helping them make a positive step towards the change they want to make. I love the challenge of finding ways to engage children and if it can involve getting messy all the better.


7) What do you find difficult?
It’s not always easy to switch off after a day at work and I’m still getting my head around the idea of working privately and charging for my time.


8) Is there anything a client can do or if they are planning to come and see you for the first time?
It’s always really useful for clients to have a think about what they would like to achieve from the session, that way we can make sure it’s a positive use of our time.


9) Tell us something about you that we don’t know….
If I wasn’t a Clinical Psychologist I would probably have been an Occupational Therapist. I’ve also dreamed of becoming a children’s author ( it’s my retirement plan).


10) What’s your favourite way to unwind and relax?
Spending time with my daughter, planning an adventure.

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