Yoga stretches, tones and strengthens the body, and helps to clear the mind, creating a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Yoga Yorkshire Psychotherapy

To put it simply, yoga is a great way to feel great! With regular practice, yoga becomes an essential toolkit for life. 

Through extensive personal study and practice, I have brought a sense of balance and harmony to my own life. My teaching is influenced by a classical system of Hatha Yoga. It is a beautiful, nourishing practice – the perfect antidote to busy modern living.

I am passionate about the benefits of these practices, and wish to share them with you.

Our yoga teacher:

Yoga Yorkshire Psychotherapy
Matt Appleby
I first came to Yoga ten years ago. As a former IT professional, I can truly say that Yoga has transformed my life. Coming from a background in the stressful corporate world, it helped me recover from poor physical and mental health, and burn out.

Private Yoga tuition offers you the time and space to learn at your own pace. Practices are tailored entirely for your own unique needs. This is yoga in its purest sense. Individual attention, passed down directly from teacher to student.”

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